Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Penang Trip With Hommies Day 3

Day 3
Yoyoyo wassup! It's day 3 in Penang! Oh well I guess it's the same every morning. Wake up -> Bath -> Style Hair -> Off we go!

First, breakfast! We were on our way to Kek Lok Si Temple so we drop by the famous Air Hitam Asam Laksa!
It's located at the market opposite the drain as you can see from the picture LOL
Delicious isn't it? Well it's RM3 per bowl. I ordered 2 bowls LOL Was freaking hungry that time. Well, you see all the fish meat there? One of my friend said there were rumors that 70% of those so called "fish meat" were tissues @@ But I guess that was long time ago.

So after breakfast we went up to Kek Lok Si. We spent about 2hours over there. Went up there to pray, take pictures, visit some places, took a so called "train" up and down (RM4).

We are all born in the year of the horse and we're proud of it =D

There are more pictures but I'm so so so so so lazy to upload them D: You can check them out in my facebook though :)

Then I bought myself a sunglasses! For picture taking purpose ahahaha
Cool? I only bought it for RM12. Actually can bargain till RM10 but lazy =.=" Have been looking for this kinda sunglasses for a long time haha

Next we plan to visit the Penang Hill since it's so nearby. But =.=" The train that will bring us up there is still under renovation =.=" We don't know any other ways to get up there already so we gave up :(

But before going back to the hotel, we went to the Toy Museum nearby our hotel. RM10 per entry. Well let me say that there's nothing in there but hundred of small toys and oversized toy LOL And there are lots of kids in there =.=" Here are some pictures.

Resident Evil


Oversized Toys

Dam fail they go put unrelated toys there =.="

So after visiting this place we went back to the hotel to get some rest. Then I brought them for Nasi Kandar and Sup Kambing for dinner =D They said they don't want their last dinner in Penang to be sucks so I was a little worried if they didn't like it but luckily there were okay with it lol

Next we head to Batu Feringgi. Well the night market was quite boring =.=" But The Ship Penang is located over there. We just went there to say hi and bye lol Wanted to enter but it's out of our budget :(

Then we head to a place called Sunset Bistro! Kinda yao feel that place. Beach side bistro where you can chill and drink at that place.
This picture was taken after drinking. OMG I just drank 1 bottle of carlsberg and look at my face =.="
Dam sad la the time we went. Wrong day=.=" Not so many people. My cousin say normally will be dam crowded. Especially during the weekends. Not many girls to look at besides those 4 girls in that picture LOL

Then back to our hotel again.... Oh yea before that I will never forget this shit.
We went back to our hotel to online awhile and they don't have a mouse pad. This Max fxxking used my ass as a mouse pad o0o! T_T

Okay la so nothing much happened after that. Just chill awhile then off to bed and wait for the next morning. Guess this is the end of day 3.

*To Be Continued*

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