Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang Trip With Hommies Day 2

Day 2
Yo yo yo wassup guys! It's Day 2 in PENANG! Okay the previous night we were all so exhausted after Clubbing at MOIS so most of us slept until kinda late :S BUT, Max, Tze, Yau(Came Later) & I had only 2-3 hours of sleep and we went for our hotel buffet breakfast! =D

This is how I look like when I woke up LOL *BLUR*

Wallah! Breakfast!!!!
This is what I called Western Breakfast!

After breakfast we went back to hotel to chill awhile and then out we go again for FOOD! I brought my mates to Lorong Selamat to try out the famous Char Kuey Teow. Well there's a new Char Kuey Teow shop and it's kinda expensive as well. Don't dare to recommend them to try there because I haven try it before.
New One

RM9 hardcore LOL

Oh yea and so we went to the other stall, which they sell Ice Kacang/Chendol over there. Without fail I'll order the Chee Cheong Fun again LOl
Look at those Prawns O_O Well this plate cost us RM6.50 LOL
They even had uniforms on and the cook is wearing googles LOL His eyes can't handle the spices!

The Ice Kacang and Chendol is not bad either at that shop. But the one in Penang Road is better!

From The Shop

From there, we were suppose to go for Fried Oyster with Mr Albert but we're kinda late. We waited 30mins for the Char Kuey Teow LOL So we canceled our meeting with him. Don't wanna make him wait :(

From there we went to Penang Road to taste the tasty Chendol!

Phua Chu Kang at the right corner LOL
Look at the crowd @@
Does it look good? =D

Whats next? Next stop, The Sleeping Buddha Temple!

The first thing that I will always do when I visit this Temple is come to this machine. It's kinda like a wheel of fortune where you insert 50cents and it will determine your lucky number.

Here is a short clip of our luck =D

After that we went to the temple opposite the Sleeping Buddha Temple. I don't know what is it called LOL I know we spent quite alot in that temple. Around RM10+? All of us of course. Tze spent the most. RM5 i think. He tried to push his luck by throwing 50cents into the moving pots. If not mistaken he didn't get any or he got only 1 hmm Every pot has it's "name". For example, wealth, education, health and many more.
This is what I was talking about earlier

WARNING: If anyone over there offer you to help you to take photo and teach you how to take photo, just ignore especially when it's a lady. After helping you she'll say she has breast cancer and ask for donation LOL One of my friend was quite unlucky =S

So we spent about 1-2 hours over there and then we went back to our hotel, get changed and it's BEACH time baby! Well, there were no photos taken there I guess :( Cause we're all playing Volley Ball lol Kinda fail though =.="

After that we get back to our hotel, bath, and off to dinner. We went to a restaurant called Clinic Cafe in Gurney Plaza. Well kinda unique, everything is Hospital Concept LOL Waiters and Waitresses are Doctors and Nurses. Quite sad suddenly doctors and nurses have to take orders from customers. About the food, hmmm just average I guess. Maybe 5.5/10?

Even the chili sauce they put in the "Injection Thingy" (Don't know what it's called =.=")

Darren suddenly became OKU T_T

After that we went to the Gurney Foodcourt to get some Muar Chee and some other foods. Then we went to chill at Persiaran Gurney. We bought something from there.

This is what Yau, Han Woei and YitYang bought there. RM2

Basically you have to shoot it high up and it will slowly spin down with lights on it =D Anyways I was in Sunway during Christmas Eve and they were selling the same thing. Guess how much they sold? RM5 LOL KL stuffs are always more expensive? @@

This thing cost me RM5 lol

Well as you can see it has 3 holes. The top one is a red laser which can shine few hundred meters away. The bottom part one is a torch light and the other one is a blue light. Which can detect guys jizz LOL well not only detect that but other things which you can't see with your own eyes LOL =D After that we went back to our hotel and it's kinda the end of our night :D

Stay Tune for the next day of our trip!

*To be continued*

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