Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Penang Trip With Hommies Day 0

Day 0

Today Max Phoo, Yau, Eng Yew & I left for Penang at 2.30pm and we visited the temple in Subang to pray for our safe journey. Then off we go to Penang! It took us about maybe 5hours to reach there? @@ Max Phoo, our driver already beh tahan the long distance journey. We took some videos on the way to Penang =D

On the way to Penang, we also saw something interesting.

How come got something like this one in Malaysia? LOL Following HOLLYWOOD? =D

On the way to Penang I was wearing Max's hat. Take a look what it did to my hair T_T



Yau and Eng Yew was snoring all the way behind while Max & I rock through out the whole journey! We sang all day long in the car LOL Speaking of Music, we almost got gg-fied because of me LOL I was suppose to get the modulator from my bro, and my bro told me that it was in the car so I assume that it was in the Myvi without pendrive slot. Then when I searched the car, I couldn’t find it so I called my bro. He told it was in the car that he drove to work =.=” I was like WTF? GG. Then we were so desperate until we called almost everyone in Puchong and finally, Foong Yee’s mum saved us! =D She was in Jusco with the modulator so we went there immediately to find her and we got it =D

So, we reached Penang at 7.30pm and then we immediately search for Tune Hotel.

Well the room is just like a square box LOL Even the aircon we have to pay to use =.=" I think RM13 for 12hours LOL But it's seriously not necessary. Advisable for only 3(max) people to stay in it lol It's really cheap i think only RM58(Excluding Aircon) per night. We stayed 4 in the room. Imagine how we sleep lol

Okay not only the Aircon but also the HairDryer we have to pay LOL

We chill awhile in the hotel, and then go for dinner. Both of my friends, P & G suggested me to head to Macalister Road for dinner as they have a lot of hawker stalls and delicious food! So we did. We depended on Eng Yew’s iPhone GPS and it brought us until don’t know where and we got a little lost and I called my friend several times LOL I even passed by her school =.=” Then after turning around Penang Island, we finally found that place! Hell Yeah!

We eat like people who haven’t eaten for a few days LOL

I ate:

  • Char Kuey Teow = RM3.50
  • Wan Tan Mee = RM3
No Image :(
  • Chee Cheong Fun = RM3
  • Crab Pizza = RM3

Well hopefully I can gain some weight when I get back =D After dinner we went to check out Penang club. In Penang Road nearby Cititel, there is a place where it’s full of clubs! One stretch of it. So we went to survey on the club. When we arrived we were like WTF. Girls, girls, girls and girls everywhere!

So this is where the entire Penang chicks hangout. So it is decided, die or not we’re bringing the whole gang here tomorrow! LOL

After finishing our survey we head back to our hotel lobby to use free 30mins internet LOL Then I saw some Osim Chair and I had nothing to do so I donated RM1 to it =D Well RM1 for 3 mins. Kinda reasonable to me.

I guess you guys will be wondering why it’s day 0. Well it’s because only half of us went there early for working purpose. The next day we will have to work half day for Wealth Mentors. So it’s not counted =D

End of Day 0

*To Be Continued*

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