Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang Trip With Hommies Day 4

Day 4

Today is the last day for us in Penang :( So early in the morning Loon, Max, Tze & Yau went for the hotel buffet breakfast. When I woke up it was already 9.45am I think then I immediately sms Tze asking whether are they at the beach and yes they are. So I wash up and prepare myself for some relaxed environment and some camera section =D

When I arrived both of them were sleeping so I quietly took Max's camera and take their photo ggThere is Tze & Max

Loon & Yau

And Thats Me!

We were like taking pictures nonstop since I arrive =D LOL Here's more!

Me, Loon & Tze
Sunglasses Gang

Yo Wassup Ladies!

There are more photos but I'm kinda lazy to upload here one by one LOL Will be uploaded to my facebook so I've interested you can visit my profile to see it =)

After that we went back to the hotel and it's time to pack up our stuffs and leave Penang :( But before we left Penang we revisited the Penang Road Chendol for the last time! Yea I love the Chendol over there. Nothing beats that Chendol.

After that we exit Penang by using the Ferry. Max's car and Han Woei's car got separated there LOL

I look so black @@
Yau From Behind =)

The ferry brought us to Butterworth. We decided to drop by Ipoh for lunch so our journey to ipoh/home starts from there. Why Ipoh? Because Ipoh is very famous for the Tauge Chicken Rice! My second time visiting that place for Chicken Rice lol

Yum Yum
Look at Eng Yew with his Fork and Spoon ready LOL

Even Lam Fung visited that restaurant @@ Many more HK artists went ba but I don't know who LOL

After lunch we went back home. We took the wrong exit and ended up in Damansara =.=" It was 6pm and you can imagine the jam over there @@ Well I reached home at 7.20pm and it's the end of my trip =D

I enjoyed the trip. Our group lack of DSLR camera hahaha Spent about RM450 total. If it wasn't for my dad who gave me RM150 for my trip, my wallet's hole would be bigger LOL Now is already big =.="

Oh yea, Eng Yew dislike Penang. LOL Everything about Penang except bout the food (I Think) hahahaha

*The End of The Trip*

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