Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang Trip With Hommies Day 1

Day 1

Woke up around 10am and then everyone started to get ready for breakfast. After preparing we took some pictures and off we go.

Goodbye Tune Hotel!

I brought them to Lorong Selamat for breakfast. As usual, I’ll order chee cheong fun again LOL and also Curry Mee. The curry mee is a little different from the one in KL. They added more Santan I guess. The colour ain’t as orange as KL.

After breakfast then off we go to G Hotel. We arrived there early so we decided to visit Gurney Plaza for awhile. After visiting Gurney Plaza, we went to the hotel pool. Kinda nice up there.

Then off to work! Once we reached there then we set up the stuffs that are needed.

Finish work around 4pm+ then we straight chong to Flamingo Hotel. Our holiday officially starts after work!

Went to wrong room =.=”

Once we enter the room we chilled awhile and then off to dinner. Mr Albert brought us to Macalister Road for dinner. Kinda sorry to Mr Albert cause he waited for us around 20-30mins :S Penang jam like mad =.=” If there’s no jam I think we can easily reach to the place where we were suppose to meet him. It’s only about 10-15mins drive from our hotel.

Macalister Road is just beside Sunway Hotel Penang. It’s one stretch of food stalls. We don’t even know where to start haha While I was eating, one hand suddenly came out from nowhere asking for money. I thought one of us didn’t pay for the food yet so I took my wallet out. Then I notice something was not right. Then finally found it she was a beggar =.=” Penang beggar so geng one ka until do like this LOL

After dinner we head back to our hotel to get dressed up! It’s time for CLUBBING! Dressed up took some pictures and off we go! We’ll we left our hotel around 11.30pm and guess what. It’s still jamming =.=” I can’t believe it seriously lol So when we park our car beside City Bayview Hotel then some Indian guy charged us RM10 for it I was like wtf? Mahal shit. So end up each person paid RM2.50. We all decided to enter MOIS Club. We opened one bottle and paid 3 cover charge. I think we opened Whiskey? LOL Then when we enter to collect our bottles, they gave us extra 1 bucket of beer LOL Must have mistaken but don’t care =D

The girls in the club are like sugars and guys are like ants =.=” One girl or a group of girls dancing then after few seconds all the guys surround them ==” Oh well I didn’t get to know any chicks from there T_T But who cares? We still party all night in the club until 3am!

We were all kinda drunk on the way home LOL Especially Tze and Yau. I’m still okay but just a little tired and alcohol allergic + a little drunk i guess @@

Reach back to the hotel we did some crazy shits LOL At the lobby...
We created our own band LOL
The end of Day 1

*To be Continued*

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