Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Blog A Day Before Penang Trip

Yo guys! It's been exactly one week already since I started my holiday. Guess what I've been doing?

Wake up -> Dota -> Lunch -> Nap/Play Game/Movie -> Dinner -> Yamcha -> Sleep

Well I've been doing this almost everyday! Gotta change my style and date some girls, sports and etc.

I still got exactly 1 more month before my holiday ends and there are a lot of stuffs that I want and have to do.

Check List:
  • Wipe all the windows in my house
  • Complete Resident Evil 5 with Max
  • Reformat my laptop
  • Shop for CNY
  • Buff up
  • Tidy up my notes
  • Go for Bowling/Pool
  • Meet up with friends in Subang
  • ETC (Can't think of any at the moment =D)
Yesterday Max, Tze, Yang Yang and I went to RedBox LOL 4 guys singing =D ahahahaha Sing until throat sakit @@ oh well it was kinda costly RM30 :( But it's okay ba since it helps to release all the stress and pressure and we even saw one chick @@ Damn she was so fine.... @@ Actually the best part was we ALL NITE 6pm-12am in there ahahaha! Quite fun singing with them. Some wanna solo this part but got interrupt by others =D Looking forward for the next plan!

Tomorrow half of my group will be going to Penang first and the other half will go on the following day =D Today I'll be busy planning the activities and places to visit in Penang and also of course the FOOD! Hopefully it'll be fun. Will blog about it once I get back. See ya and have a nice day.


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