Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Life in 2010

Hello hello 2011! Seriously, time passes dam fast! I'm like time traveling now =.=" Looks like tonight for the first time after my finals I'm staying at home LOL I noticed that my parents gave me quite a lot of freedom compared to last time hahaha So I will "try" not to abuse it =D

Many things happened in 2010 but its all over now. It's a new year! So let's start fresh. But before that, let's recall back Darren's life in 2010 =P

First trip with College Mates! (Genting)

Rootbeer fight with Richard
Became one of the Interviewer. Well there's only one guy there and that's me yo!
From In a Relationship -> Single
Penang Trip with College mates after Final Semester of DIPLOMA!

Darren finally graduated from Diploma!

Went fishing with hommies LOL But we kinda failed though.

Have been playing a lot of badminton BUT stopped ever since exam period came :(
Even Tze went LOL
Enjoy singing k in the year 2010 LOL
Visited I-City

Gave Max RM400 for his bday LOL jk. If it's true he sure happy till pants drop but dream on max! LOL
Darren's first Halloween! Met a new friend too =D

My first time in Cameron Highlands after 20 years =.="
Penang Trip with Hommies!
Darren Finally Masuk Club! Ahahahaha!
It's Christmas yo!
Happy New Year!

Actually I had a New Year Speech that I want to share with everybody especially to the hommies but I don't know where my mind ran off to that night LOL

So here it is:

Well since it's already a new year, firstly i would like to thank my friends for not neglecting me even after I broke up. I have not been very "nice" for leaving them and not participating much in their activities ever since I got into a relationship. Well let's just say that I don't want any problems in my relationship :( It's complicated @@ They welcome me back without any "terms and condition" hahaha!

I enjoy hanging out with them. Hanging out with them is like hanging out with the best people in Puchong LOL All knew all of them in a different period of time.

Mr Lim Eng Yew. Our friendship starts in primary school because of a 50cents LOL I bet you still remember that. We've became close friends ever since. You even helped me when i was in deep shit in form 3. That phone thingy haha. You're the only one who helped me out i think @@ Hope you and Jo will be together forever =)
Zack aka Ng Kah Chuan! Look at ya now, you're twice or maybe 3 times bigger than me now @@ Well among all hommies, you're the one I know the longest. Back in year 2000. I met you when in the basketball court haha! We know each other the longest but we have the most issues among all. We get into fights so often until I don't even know where to start LOL Btw nothing can ruin our friendship bro. We Chill yo!
Wong Han Woei aka Jordan. Yo I got something to tell ya yo LOL I think when we were in primary school, I met you once in the basketball court at wawasan 4. And I think you kinda hurt my fingers that time and i was in so freaking pain and I "Fart Lan Zha" took my bottle and hit your hand LOL I wanted to tell you this long time ago but I just don't know how to start hahahaha! It was so stupid of me last time =.= If you remember this, we chill one ya? =D
Wong Kai Loon our Prom King! Yo bro you got to control your temper at times LOL Don't "Fart Lan Zha" so often. We're always chill geh. And please for once do better in your finals LOL
Phoo Wai Hoong aka Max! Yo this nigga, I think he got the name max after performing dbsk dance. Well I bet you don't know that among all, you're the one that I used to dislike last time. Well why I dislike you? hahaha I think it's because of your actions ba and the things you say. You normally offend me a lot last time. Maybe you didn't notice it but you did it nigga! Then ever since I we both broke up with our girl, we felt each other pain LOL and we start to get along! Sing K! Resident Evil 5! haha we do have quite a lot of similar interest such as Resident Evil, Lost, Sing K, Girls(LOL) and etc.
Chee Tze Chiuan aka Chris. What wor suddenly add Chris. You think you cool? LOL We were one of the closest buddies in high school! and yea you fcking hit me in the eye with my kh wood when we were in high school LOL I will never forget that ish. Good friend good heart but lack of "confidence" LOL no la tze (A) We the best man in town (H) Good luck in your relationship bro!
Chen Chan Yau aka Austin. I know him when I was in primary school as well. We were pokemontards last time LOL Used to go houses to houses to play pokemon cards together.
Wilson Loi! Well seriously I miss the time we used to sing in the class EVERYDAY when we were in high school hahaha! We were best pals sitting beside each other. Kenangan Terindah yo!

It took me a little bit of time to blend back in with them but I did it. Well this is kinda the end of my 2010 :( A little bit of sadness, a little bit of fun, a little bit of joy and a little bit of everything! A lot of things happened during 2010. Even things that is unexpected happened. I was a little shocked by myself lol

Okay this blog just too me 4 hours to write it =.="

P/S: Max said that I'm like leaving a suicide note to all my friends. BUT I'M NOT so chill LOL