Sunday, December 12, 2010

Freedom After 4th Semester Degree Exam!


Yo man! My miserable life has just temporary ended few days ago! 9/12/2010! NO MORE SETTING ALARM AT 9AM!

Was not updating my blog cause I do not have the time to do it =.=" Okay I think i shall start from my exam :(

My exam period was from 29th Nov - 9th Dec :| 11 Freaking long days! Oh well this is because I have alot of gaps in between. For all 3 papers I have 2days gap in between so actually there's advantages and disadvantages to it.

  • More time to study!
  • Can procrastinate! (Playing games and Etc)
  • Can rest!
  • Exam period damn long =.="
  • Friend's exam finish earlier than mine =.=" Kinda demotivating
  • Feel very sien and guilty if do other stuffs besides studying
So, they have all been listed out =D Almost after every paper on that night finish, I went out to chillax LOL Overall the paper was okay but there's only 2 papers that I feel it's hard. Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management. Oh well I did quite okay in Entrepreneurship *I THINK*. But I kinda screwed up a little in Human Resource Management. Okay not a little but ALOT =.=" My 40 marks just got wasted and it was a compulsory question. FML.

  • Don't know how to do.
  • Did not have enough time to think how to crap.
Seriously I really hope that I can pass this paper. It's like a nightmare to me =.=" All i wan is just a clear 40%/100% :( Is that too hard to get? Hope it's not and hope all my answers are sufficient enough to let me pass! Kinda worried about it actually :|

Let's take a tour to my room and see how it looks like during exam period :D

Kinda Cool eh? LOL Then let's see how's my room like after exam!

Wicked! I straight away pack all my notes/books and put it in the shelf LOL It was a relief after exam seriously! But the weird thing is, I can't sleep long hours and take a nap anymore every since after exam =.=" I've been trying hard to but failed. Previously when I was having exam, whenever I wanna sleep I can do it anytime but now, it seems not to be working any more. During the last paper I only slept for 3hours. After the paper my friends and I went to pyramid to have lunch and when shopping for awhile. Then I went back home it was already 5pm and I was darn tired so I tried to take a nap. After closing my eyes on my bed for an hour, I finally gave up :|

Then on that night itself I went out until 1am+ and slept at 2am. I planned to sleep until 11am+ but I automatically wake up at 9.30am=.=" Then the same thing happened in the noon, I can't take a nap although I'm tired. What the hell man @@ So the following day, the same thing happened to me. Automatically wake up at 9am (earlier =.=) AND I tried to nap in the afternoon and failed again! OMG seriously something is wrong! Then at night(last night) I slept at 3am in a freaking tired condition and then i woke up at 10.30am. Okay it's better today LOL

Then I cleaned my laptop screen. It was so dusty until you can write some stuffs on it LOL Take a look.

Dusty =D I think around 1month plus I didn't wipe the screen LOL But after that GG
It's crystal clear! LOL okay la not crystal but at least better alot =D

Okay so it's the end of my exam thingy :) Will try to update more often =D


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