Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lucky Draw But Not So Lucky

Before I get into the main topic, let's talk about my day first ;D Today woke up at 8.40am but damn tired. So I zombie-ly go brush teeth, pack back and etc. Few minutes later i end up in college. Then in my college they have many booths for registering membership cards and etc. I registered Red Box membership card for free =D and even paid RM5 to register S&J Membership card. S&J then give me one goodie bag with a Jay Chou mini Fan LOL

Look like Jay wor haha! Quite worth it ba. I even get their membership card and it's for 2 years.

After that I looked around then I saw there's this Lucky Draw. Then I go register and give it a try since it's free. They even gave me a free Munchy's Biscuit LOL Okay after that I went for class. While I was in the class I was hoping that my class ends 1hour earlier because my friend Jo is going back at that time. Then my lecturer say today we're ending at 4pm. I straight "SIEN" =.=" But Jo suddenly say she don't feel like going back alone then she went to the foyer and chat with her friend O_O LUCKY ME =D So when my class ends, I met up with her and went back home.

On the way to the car, I received a call from a girl. She asked whether I'm Darren and I said ya then she suddenly congratz me and I was like O_O for what? LOL Then suddenly recalled the Lucky Draw haha! She told me something about KASPERSKY and I was very excited that time. Getting a free KASPERSKY is cool LOL Then the rest of the things she said I didn't really understand dunno due to my lousy chinese or lousy reception =X Then she asked me whether can I come by to collect my stuff after 30mins but I told her that I can't because I'm rushing home. It's not good to make someone who's fetching you wait :S Then she say okay you can come and collect now. So while Jo get to her car I ran back to college to get my stuffs. Actually I also left my bottle in class so I asked my friend to get it for me LOL When I get there the guy who I registered with congratz me and verified my IC. Then he gave me one goodie bag. I was so happy then he asked me to take a picture with it. So I smile =) Happy LOL and blindly -.- While rushing to Jo's car, I checked the bag and WTF?! What are all these?! Damn LOL You will know why with the pictures below.

Bag Looks nice rite? But what's in it? @@

All girl's stuff =.=" "UGLY"

I think they randomly gave me the bag which are already packed because when I get there, they're still packing the KASPERSKY and stuffs. I even saw handphones =.=" MAYBE if I go there 30mins later I'll get my KASPERSKY =.=" What a day today T_T I know it's at least better than nothing but I want KASPERSKY =.=" Oh well nothing will go as we thought it will LOL


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Chuckie Cotton said...

Jay Chou one, the eye looks quite same...lol...but the eye is not really same.

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