Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jordan's 22nd Birthday!

Yo! The picture above was created by our photoshop pro! Max Phoo! Actually Han Woei is quite harmless one but Max wants him to be dangerous so he edited till like some "ketua kongsi gelap" lol

Based on my findings in Tenji 2, I feel the one in Solaris is better hmmm but it's more expensive there though. Here I only paid RM65 but the other Tenji is RM100+. Tenji 2 offers a package for both lunch and dinner time. For lunch buy a voucher worth RM550 for 10 pax and for dinner RM650 for 10 pax. So basically its RM55 per pax for lunch and RM65 per pax for dinner.

Tenji 2 have less varieties compare to the other Tenji but they still managed to satisfy my stomach =D The lamb and salmon is good!

This is 1 part of Tenji2

Well if you go to Tenji, this you can't miss! Coconut drink!

Foong Yee, Darren & Suet Yee

Look at how much we've cleared? LOL
Second Table!
Somehow I find this "light" attractive LOL
Agent Salt aka Lai Kuan & DarrenZack & Darren
Longest Buddies in Secondary! 1C, 4D, 5D
Group Photo 1 (Inside)

Group Photo 2 (Entrance)

2nd Round - The Library

Puchong Branch

On that night we were a little unlucky because there were not live band :(
Empty :(

Their happy hour is from 6pm-10pm and guess what? We arrived there at 9.55pm =.="


So now you can decide before going there XD On that night I've been wondering where Zack went @@ He disappeared for quite awhile. Then he came back with a cake for Jordan!

Yea it ain't cheap LOL

We ordered one tower of Carlsberg. This shit cost of RM118 & it only last for awhile =.=" Kinda sad lol

Next round Hoegaarden! My first time tasting this beer. I've only tasted Tiger & Carlsberg before. Yea I know its kinda sad for me but I don't really like drinking so its okay XD But when I tasted Hoegaarden, I was like O_O it's not bad lol It's like the tastiest beer in town yo! and the most expensive =.=" I guess I know why it's expensive lol
Jordan, Darren, Caren & Tze

Yau playing Fruit Ninja lol Trying to beat Elisha's score. 586! She must have not been sleeping for a few days I guess -.-

Elisha & Darren
At first I asked for a picture and she rejected the offer T_T Then I kept thinking why hmmm Then I thought of my hair. Just got an extremely short haircut that day as you can see lol YES it's definitely my hair problem :(

Carmen, Max, Caren, Elisha, Jordan and Darren
This is the last photo and looks like it's the end


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