Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tight Budget 2011

Yo it's the beginning of the year of 2011 and there's so many things that I need to get!

  • New Phone (Iphone perhaps)
  • Sign up for gym
  • Get new bag
  • New shoes
  • CNY shirt
Woah all these don't come cheap LOL
Especially this =.=" This "shit" can make me suffer for the whole year I guess LOL

Then for the gym I suddenly want to sign up its because I heard my friend said they are having CNY Promo now. RM1090 for 16months so it's like urm... RM68 per month? It's freaking cheap lol
Once I sign up I make sure after 16months I be like this guy! LOL

Okay la the one on the top quite impossible and scary LOL This one will do! Yea Tom Welling lol

My shoes are kinda worn out already :( If there's any sales or what I'll immediately get one GG CNY clothes normally sponsored by mum =D But at times I will have to take out my own money T_T Well looks like I'll need to do lots of visiting this coming CNY :(

If you have all the money in the world, you'll get almost everything you need and want in your life. Life is kinda sad without cash at times :( But there are many ways to enjoy life without cash!


Tada! Fishing without Fishing Rod! LOL

Oh well, hope I can get all the stuffs I want without suffering so MUCH LOL


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