Monday, November 1, 2010

Sad Day

Yo I'm back blogging XD Well i've not been updating my blog since last week because i've been very busy for the past few days =.=" Assignments are killing me :S Wanna go shit also no time =.=" Anyways I have one more last assignment to go! Hopefully I can finish it by this week and start studying next week =.= "Hope"

Okay so let me tell you why is it a sad day for me :( First, today I have a presentation and I haven't prepare for it. So when it's my turn to present, I bullshit-ed all the way LOL Still don't know my marks though. Then after presenting, my friend used my laptop to check out next year's academic calender. Then I saw something that made me "WTF! T_T"

Allow me to show you guys :(Do you guys know what day is it on the 6th of March? Do you guys know how important that day is gonna be for me? I don't @#&@*(#&(@*# for nothing T_T It's gonna be my 21st birthday next year and my exam is the day after my birthday =.=" How sad is my life now.... For 2 years + everytime during this period the final exam would end before my birthday. But this time I DON'T KNOW WHY IT MUST END AFTER! FACK! Sunway purposely wanna screw up my 21st bday ka=.=" Oh well next year is gonna be my miserable year.



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