Saturday, November 6, 2010

Uniqlo - KL

Thursday my mum suddenly asked me, Darren wanna buy jeans or not? RM49.90 only and it's japan brand. Then i O_O not bad wor. Then my mum showed me the newspaper cutting.Looks cool. First outlet in Malaysia. So I went to share this information with my hommies. They all looked interested as well. So we planned to visit that shop on Friday which is on the Deepavali Day. Actually 6 people were suppose to go but end up only 3 people go due to some problems hmmmm Okay so we carried out the plan as planned. We parked our car in Times Square since the parking rate maximum is only RM10 and Fahrenheit 88 is just 10-15mins walk from there. On the way to Fahrenheit 88, we saw something very unexpected lol

Aren't they Storm Troopers from Star wars? What are they doing in KL? LOL Very unexpected :S But they looked cool so Max and I decided to take a picture with them LOL They were promoting duno what YES thingy as you can see it printed on their chest LOL

So when we arrived at Fahrenheit 88, we OMG look at the queue =.=" But, fck it we still lined up GG
This is only like 10minutes away from the shop LOL We queue-ed for 50minutes JUST TO ENTER THE SHOP :S Then went to shop for our stuffs took us around 30minutes. Then wanna try out the clothes also have to queue =.=" Queue-ed for 30mins for the fitting room >_> Then when wanna pay also have to queue for 20mins @@ Total we spent 3hours for that outlet LOL Seriously 1st time in my life I did this kinda shit haha

Look at the crowd inside @@

So I bought 2 jeans there. RM49.90 each =D 1 for me 1 for my bro GG Look's nice and i like it! Okay quite satisfied for today's shopping. The best part is my mum is the one paying =D gg

Then after Uniqlo we went walk around Fahrenheit 88 and then we visited Pavilion. It's 4pm+ and close to 5pm. My legs are freaking tired and i'm freaking hungry. We actually wanted to look for some restaurant names ( forgotten ) cause Max have some vouchers with him which gives us 50% discount. But we failed finding it. So we decided to go to Carl's Jr to eat. My first time there though =X

ROAR~~ Not as big as I thought but I was freaking Full LOL The fries are kinda tasty. But I duno whether is it i'm too hungry or what. Oh who cares! It taste awesome!

After Carl's Jr, we actually wanna watch The Rise of The Mummy because Max also has a buy 1 free 1 ticket voucher LOL But..... we were dam disappointed LOL For the buy 1 free 1 ticket, they are only selling for this movie....

LOL Hachiko A Dog's Story -.- Impossible Tze, Max & I go watch this kinda show. Quite weird LOL Although I feel its gonna be a very sad movie :( & I think i roughly know the story coz my ex told me about it before O_O Then we wanted to buy The Rise of The Mummies without the voucher but the seats were too front so we skip that part. So after that we went walking around Pavilion and then we went back home. I felt so tired standing/walking the whole day. Shopping is just not for me haha! Oh well my Deepavali day just ended like this. That's all guys!


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