Saturday, January 7, 2012

EMO Saturday Morning!

Good morning Saturday! Yeah I'm kinda emo and tired now because I'M LACKING OF SLEEP! Just don't feel like doing anything but suddenly something triggered me to blog. Let's talk about last night first shall we. Last night I tried to sleep at 2a.m+ but I could not!
Insomnia sucks to the max!
So I only managed to sleep at 4a.m. and my mum woke me up at 9.30a.m. That's effing sad! My mum needs me to keep watch on those people who came to paint my house. I was like okay -.- . Then! I don't know why this came up to my mind. But, I suddenly remembered a post that I read. It's basically about me and I find it VERY disturbing. 

The way that "blogger" blogged about me is like saying it's my fault for what happened last 2 years. I did everything I could last time and there's some other FUCKING reason why I give up. Like entirely. So don't freaking go tell people around the world that it's like my fault. I gave you time, I apologized but then you still ............................................ @*#&^@*#^@*#^? 

Well I wish I could continue the story but it would be too obvious about who's I'm writing about. But I guess it's already very obvious D: . But who cares? It's over. It's not my life anymore and I ain't looking back ever again.

Oh man now I got to continue with my Thesis. My life is kinda great now. Using my holiday to do my thesis. Sad life. Logging off now guys. 



geebambino said...
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Shiling said...

LOL poor thing, SLEEP EARLIER then hahaha xD