Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012 To My Life!

Happy New Year guys! It's 2012 today and we're all getting 1 year older by this year. Yeah it's awfully sad to most of us. But be optimistic. The older you are the wiser you are? haha I hope this applies to me. Anyways, New Year's Eve celebration isn't as bad as I thought it would be for me last night. It was quite happening in Movida (where we went last night). All the music that the DJ played rocks! High till the end of the session. Going back there again or not in the future? Depends of occasion because it's quite costly.
This shit cost us RM345 and we are only allowed to bring 3 people in!
Yeah so we bought one bottle and paid 2 cover charge which cost RM50 each. Before I forget, let me tell you all about my first time experience buying Baskin Robins (BR).It was 31st December and they're having 31% discount so prolly every BR will be packed with people. So when I enter the shop, there's this "How To Order" instructions for me to read. So I read it and I follow. Took a number and waited for my number to be called. When my number was called, I ask how to order? This was the noobest shit thing I've ever done. I actually wanted to eat cone type double scoop but they seem to like only offer me 1pint, half gallon, and 1 gallon. So I ask how many flavours can I choose? OMG These questions are like so... Undescribable.
RM18 (After 31% Discount)

So yeah after asking those questions and this is what I got :D Simply delicious. One of the best way to melt 2011 away!

Okay so back to Movida. Before Movida we actually planned to enter Geographer or Library but seems like we're out of luck. They are all so packed with people and that's sad. That is why we chose Movida as it was our last resort. We don't wanna slack outside and wait for 2hours +. There's no regret but it's just too expensive I guess. Did not imagine that I will spend so much on that night. But of well overall I enjoyed the night.


Overall the club is okay just that there's no dance floor. Quite sad. You got to go early to get a better table. And yeah about chicks, we got like the best chick in Puchong with us already so we're not so bad as well :D
IoI Boulevard Rooftop

And then It was 12am and Fireworks started firing everywhere around Malaysia and countries which time are GMT+8. So what's your new year resolution?! Well I got a few.
  • Graduate on time
  • Get fit (6pax! HELL YEAH!)
  • Contact Lens (Have trouble putting it to my eyes T_T)
  • Time to find my dream girl after graduating :P
I'm sure most of you guys have watched 2012 movie. Do you believe that it's the end of the world? Or the world actually end one day? I do believe it will end one day if we don't take action to prevent it from happening. To all those brainless people who are destroying the world please. It's new year already. Make this your new year resolution. We can prevent this from happening.

Party ain't over yet after 12am! We went over to Kai Loon's house for BBQ. But I don't have the pictures yet. So I'm gonna post this up first and blog another one about it if I have the mood to write about it :D Happy New Year Guys!

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